domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

People in my life

Welcome to the level 5

Hi, my name is Angel Tineo, mi friends call me Angelito.. I'm from Venezuela, live in the Maracaibo state Zulia. I have 19 years old, very small jaja, I am currently studied was mass communication in URBE and my favorite subject is political economy and finally, i go for the 6th quarter.

I like sports such as tenis, football and basketball, i also like playing guitar, go to the movies with my friend and my girlfriend. I dont like stay in my house i like go out and my dream is graduate and have a good family.

My opinion about the 5th level of English is that it is very interesting and fun with teacher Doris Molero, my teacher is very funny and cheerful.
I dont need anything, my class is super good as this.